Mecacontrol Group now has Mecacontrol Coating, a new business area located a few meters away from Inyecciones Plásticas Mecacontrol and Talleres Mecacontrol in Cascante, Navarra.

The activity of said plant is based mainly in the process of painting plastic pieces, for which it has innovative machines.

Mecacontrol Coating features two painting robots and evaporating, drying and cooling areas. The plant also has a paint chamber, where several colors can be applied at the same time. To recover the leftover paint during the process, there is a sludge area that collects the paint through a waterfall in the paint booth to recycle it.


It features 2 six-axis arms in two temperature and humidity controlled booths, followed by a SAS, an oven and a cooling area.

It is worth mentioning that the plant also has 6 independent paint circuits and 2 catalyst circuits, as well as an aerial piece feeding system with capacity for 91 hangers.

The main sector for which this activity is developed is that of household appliances, although they usually also paint pieces for the automotive industry. The plant currently services the top companies in those sectors.