The MECACONTROL GROUP engages in the industrial transformation of aluminium, plastic and its derivatives into useful, top-quality parts used by other factories, companies and industries in their final products. This process calls for experienced, professional handling and a controlled waste product programme.

The MECACONTROL GROUP is a responsible corporate group which oversees the entire manufacturing process from the very start, instructing its employees in the sustainability policies relative to the sector.

Like all committed company groups, it meets its different commitments on the basis of value creation through a range of actions:

  • Choosing eco-friendly materials for production and Cipro pharmacy opting for the use of renewable energies for the supply of energy
  • Ensuring the occupational health and safety of its workers
  • Innovating and enhancing the efficiency of the industry to which the MECACONTROL GROUP belongs, boosting the sector and opting to invest in environmentally responsible businesses.