AdBlue MECACONTROL Since 2013 Mecacontrol develops and homologates their facilities in Cascante (Navarra) for the mass production of AdBlue®.

With the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie) – QMA (Germany) certification with a rating of 91,9% (A/apt), AdBlue Mecacontrol is born.

AdBlue Mecacontrol comes as a big competitor in the supply of quality homologated AdBlue® to satisfy the needs of its truck and commercial vehicle fleet, reducing nitrogen emissions and complying with the current rules and regulations.


During the whole manufacturing process, AdBlue® conditions are controlled in the lab, given that obtaining a quality product is one of the goals set by Mecacontrol.

Mecacontrol’s AdBlue complies with the DIN 70070 norm, secured by the ISO-9002, following the most demanding quality assurance practices. In compliance with the ISO-22241


AdBlue® is a chemical product of synthetic origin, made mainly form urea dissolved in water at 32,5 %, it is colorless; it has a density of 1.090 g/l. It is not classified as a hazardous product.



The main characteristics of AdBlue® are:

  • It is made with an aqueous solution of urea and demineralized water
  • It is a colorless and odorless liquid with a slight ammonia scent.
  • Its melting point is -11º C.
  • It has a PH of approximately 9,5
  • It is not flammable nor explosive
  • Completely soluble


The objective of the SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) is reducing the emissions generated in the engine during combustion through a catalytic converter that is part of the vehicle’s exhaust system.


For staring AdBlue® we have stainless steel tanks with cooling systems in order to correctly preserve the product at a temperature between -5 and 25ºC.


Mecacontrol has started producing AdBlue® at its IPM (Inyecciones Plásticas Mecacontrol) plant in Cascante (Navarra) with the future strategic objective of increasing productivity in other plants depending on the client’s needs. Mecacontrol has production plants in Spain and Poland.


The supply of wholesale deliveries is carried out by our own transportation team. We also have 10 L bottles and 1000 L. containers.


Pedro Simón

  • AdBlue Technician
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